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At Partner with Pizza olive , our neighbourhood focus, lunch and dinner , large meeting areas and great food have separated us from other pizzerias and created one of the top independent pizzerias in the country. Unlike many other pizzerias, Pizza Olive has built a business based on dine-in and carry-out with home delivery. This simplifies your business and allows you to focus on in-store service, while gaining better control of the product that is sold.

Our franchises are able to take advantage of our 17 years of experience in the industry. Among the resources that we provide are:

Site Selection and Construction:

With the experience of opening three of our own pizzerias, we are here to assist you in all aspects of selecting your location, designing the floor plan, selecting your contractor and ensuring that you open on time and on budget.

Home Delivery :

Our business model is built around being the neighbourhood favourite pizzeria with great service and a large dining area that is able to accommodate groups, including teams, co-workers or others who want to be able to sit together, relax, and enjoy great food. From youth sports to bridal showers and even an occasional wedding, we’ve become a place where people gather to celebrate, reconnect or just hang out. However, we also accommodate those who want to eat at home with our carry-out and home delivery business, which accounts for over 40% of our business.

Occupational Systems:

Whether you have a lifetime of experience running restaurants or this is your first time in the kitchen, our training program will walk you through all that is required to own and operate your pizzeria. With three weeks of preopening training in our corporate locations , as well as a team to support you during your first two weeks of opening on site, we will be there to make sure that your staff fully understands all that is involved in running your Pizza Olive franchise.

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